If you are ready to live life on your terms, cigarette-free, this device is for you. Painstakingly designed to bring together cutting-edge technology, world-class design, and unparalleled quality standards, the iSWTCH e-cigarette delivers style and satisfaction, helping you feel your best, no matter what.

The iSWTCH e-cigarette or switches, simply fill the empty pod with your favorite e-liquid. Turn it on and put the e-cigarette to your lips and inhale gently. Then the vaporization process happens automatically. The simple single button operation ensures minimal effort and prevents the risk of accidental overheating common to traditional vaporizers. The iSWTCH design was made very attractive, high quality, easy to use, simple, elegant and familiar. iSWTCH very similar to a cigarette so users feel more comfortable with iSWTCH.

You can easily adjust power the iSWTCH e-cigarette simply by clicking button 3 times.

The iSWTCH e-cigarette corner pre-charged, but sooner or later you will need to recharge it. The button light indicator will turn to red color to indicate the battery. At this point, you should put in USB-C cable into a USB charger, outlet, portable charger, or even a device like your computer or laptop.



Switching should be simple.
Human-centric design that fits naturally and seamlessly into your life. A modern look that’s sleek and distinctly different from traditional cigarettes. Portable, light device that only requires minimum efforts to operate.


No Ash, No Odor, No Mess.
Designed with satisfying in mind. High-quality materials in flavors. State-of-the-art clean-room technology. Extensive testing and inspection to comply with quality standards.


Form to function, iSWTCH satisfies.
Nicotine throat hit experience comparable to tobacco cigarettes. Produce excellent flavor comparable to high-end MTL vaping experience. Subtle device and vapor that respects those around you.


Ongoing discovery, delight, and evolution.
The right flavor notes every phase of your switching journey. Always striving to enhance the customer’s experience. A design choice that surprise. Significant investment in research and development.

Customer care

Technical information and certification

Customer Care :
0822 9887 0101 (Sandra)

Email :

iSWTCH Device


In Package:

- 2 Pcs Refillable Pod
- Each iSWTCH pod contains 1,8 ml of e-liquid capacity.
- USB Cable


Product Description:

  • Device iSWTCH
  • Battery capacity: 550mAh
  • Charging time: 45-60 minutes
  • Available puffs on full power state: 150-250*
  • Battery cycle life: 300 full cycle of charging
  • Weight of the device: 31g


iSWTCH Accesories

Refillable Pods

In Package:

- 1 pack contain of 3 Refillable pod


Product Description:

  • Easy Refillable Pods
  • The capacity of e-liquid : 1.8ml
  • Heating wire resistance : 1.1-1.4 ohm
  • Numbers of puffs per pod: 300
  • Weight of empty pod: 5g

iSWTCH Liquid

iSWTCH Liquids

Flavour : Mango

Product Description:

  • Each Iswtch liquid bottle contain 15 ml.
  • 30 mg / 50 mg Nicotine

iSWTCH Liquids

Flavour : Doublemint

Product Description:

  • Each Iswtch liquid bottle contain 15 ml.
  • 30 mg / 50 mg Nicotine

iSWTCH Liquids

Flavour : Wine

Product Description:

  • Each Iswtch liquid bottle contain 15 ml.
  • 30 mg / 50 mg Nicotine